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Listen: Ghost by Griffin Robillard


Ghost by Griffin RobillardGhost by Griffin Robillard

Here we have the newest track from Boston-based indie folk-rock singer Griffin Robillard called “Ghost,” which will appear on his debut release, Cracks On The Ceiling, due out on September 22nd. With a sound somewhat reminiscent of Billy Joel and Neil Diamond, Robillard brings us something a little different than what is spinning on mainstream radio.

“Written over a year while living in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cracks in the Ceiling chronicles a time of profound change. “I had a fresh start, getting to know myself again after a really rough two years,” Robillard says. “In hindsight it was probably a form of depression, but the fog lifted and I also met my now girlfriend there. It was pretty overwhelming. I was writing as fast as I could.” The titular opening track, “Cracks in the Ceiling” recounts the feeling of a flood of optimism in the midst of intense doubt, beginning with a lone drum-loop as an array of acoustic and electric guitars slowly swell into a balladic chorus. “The first song is all about how love between two people can double your view of the world, but just because you see more– through aging, experience, or the love itself– doesn’t mean we can escape a lot of the half-truths we tell ourselves.”

“Whether it was writing poetry or songs, when I first started, I was blackening the page more or less, trying to emulate this very dark, introverted voice of my literary heroes,” he confesses. “It didn’t suit me at all! It was terrible, really. Think Nick Cave, Ian Curtis. I like humor and absurdity–it has to all be present or there’s no soul in the songs for me. I feel with these songs it was the first time I stumbled into my own voice.””

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