Public Relations for DIY Musicians: An 8 Part Master ClassPublic Relations for DIY Musicians: An 8 Part Master Class

These days, it seems as though indie musicians have to do it all – manage, book, produce, and also do their own PR for their projects. Seems exhausting, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be.

Want to learn how to build those relationships that you need to get a second look from online music magazines, radio stations, and more? Check out the 8 part Master Class on Public Relations created and administered by Muddy Paw PR owner, Angela Mastrogiacomo.

In this Master Class series Angela will  go over everything the emerging artist needs to know in order to get PR ready. That includes:

  • Becoming an expert at networking (or relationship building as I call it!)
  • Getting crystal clear on your branding and getting in front of your tribe
  • Becoming a social media expert and gaining more fans through your social media efforts
  • Crafting a compelling bio that will pull fans and the press in
  • Writing the perfect pitch to get in front of highly sought after writers and editors
  • Gaining the attention of industry experts including labels, managers, and festival promoters.
  • Creating the perfect EPK

In your possession you’ll have all the tools needed to build the career you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, we know you have questions…. we thought of that. We sat down with Angela to ask some questions we think you may have regarding this workshop:

For those who DON’T know you, tell us about what you do in the music scene, and what got you involved in the indie community?

First of all, hello! Thank you so much for chatting with me. I’m the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw Public Relations, where we work every day to bring emerging artists to new fans through placements on sites such as Alternative Press, Substream, New Noise Mag, idobi, and many many more. I also own Infectious Magazine, which is how I first got started in the industry back in 2009.

So, what prompted you to put this workshop together? 

The short and sweet of it is that I see a lot of artists struggling to get their music to the masses, which breaks my heart, because there is a lot of talent out there that deserves to be heard. A big part of achieving that recognition is PR, but unfortunately a lot of artists simply don’t have the funds necessary to invest in a full-fledged PR campaign with each release.

By launching this workshop, I solve both those problems. I give the artists a completely affordable set of tools that will allow them to learn the skills needed to run their own PR campaigns, making sure each and every release sees the traction it deserves. 

Is this self-paced or will people need to be present each week at a certain time for this to be successful?

It’s 100% self-paced. You’ll have access to me through emails and there are plans to launch a Facebook group as well, with weekly live streams where you can ask me anything. So while it’s self-paced to work with your schedule, you’ll always have access to me should you have any questions.

Why do you think that this workshop is important for indie musicians? 

PR is a crucial component to every musician’s success, but especially the indie musician. As an emerging artist, you need all the buzz you can get, and building relationships with the press, knowing how to put together a strong EPK and a compelling pitch email, will ensure that you’re able to gain that buzz. More buzz means more fans, more sales, and more attention from the industry.

How much would something like this cost (approximately) if a band or musician were to hire your PR company to do this FOR them? 

Our PR campaigns start at $875/month for a full album or EP campaign, and there’s a 3-month requirement, so you’re looking at just over $2,600 per release. While that’s a fair price for the amount of work going into each campaign, it can be difficult to sustain as a growing artist. By having these tools yourself, you not only save thousands over the course of one release, but tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) over the course of your career.

How will this workshop make musicians stand out from other DIY musicians? 

The reality is most musicians don’t know how to do their own PR or anything that comes along with it, such as writing a compelling bio, creating engaging social media pages, or putting together a solid EPK. Because they also rarely have money to hire a publicist, their releases tend to fall on mostly deaf ears, and gain no real traction.

By investing in this course, you’re investing in your band’s future, in the fans you want to attract, in the festivals you want to play, and in the labels/promoters/managers you want to get in front of. By taking this course and applying the skills you’ll be taught, you’re setting yourself up to be leaps and bounds ahead of most DIY musicians who are just sitting on their hands waiting for someone to discover them. This puts the power in your hands, and with that, you become in charge of your own destiny.

Does this workshop guarantee that musicians will get the exposure they’re looking for? 

It guarantees that they will get the tools needed to gain the exposure they’re looking for. Ultimately the work you put in during and after the course is what will determine your outcome. But make no mistake—the musician that takes this course and takes it seriously, applies what they’ve learned and works diligently will see a major difference in their following, press opportunities, and industry attention.

Huge thanks to Angela for taking a few minutes out of her workshop planning to answer our questions. Ready to take your music career to the next level? Go sign up for the workshop NOW!

Kelly Murphy
Owner, writer, and editor of Indie Minded; Social Media Marketing & Relationship Consulting via Indie Minded Media; Be sure to give me a follow on Twitter @IndieMurphy or @IndieMindedMedia