Dangerous Women & A Desperate Man by Ten Ton Man

Brooklyn-born Paul Livornese, aka Ten Ton Man, has released the title track to his latest EP, Dangerous Women & A Desperate Man.

With a stage name that reflects the challenges he was facing in his personal life at the time,  Livornese was 50 years old when he began thinking about a band as a creative outlet for his darker emotions. Now unapologetically living life to the fullest complete with bad decisions that often lead to looking for love in all the wrong places, Ten Ton Man’s “Dangerous Women & A Desperate Man” takes a look at an alleged encounter with a dominatrix gone awry.

Ten Ton Man knows his way around a guitar and within the first few opening notes of “Dangerous Women & A Desperate Man,” his playing creates a kick your feet up and enjoy the storytelling feel. And what a story he tells. With lyrics like “She burned her bra in my brand new car/She robbed a bank/Stole a gun/Held up a Whole Foods just for fun,” this is an entertaining song supported by solid musicianship and vocals that are a mix of Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and Johnny Cash. 

Ten Ton Man meets everyone’s frustrations in life and the sometimes ironic bad apples it throws at you with lyrical levity against a strong musical foundation supported by solid blues style guitar playing and gritty NYC Americana vibes. Give him a listen and as always, let us know what you think!

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