Scarlet Fever by Skye Wallace

Toronto-based indie alt-rock with a dash of punk singer Skye Wallace has released her new track called “Scarlet Fever,” which she says is a “rock song telling a love story set in the Yukon.”

“I wrote “Scarlet Fever” about a love story set in the Yukon,” Skye Wallace wrote to Noisey. “After a winter apart, Scarlet is arriving in the Dawson City harbour by boat and her lover awaits on land, petrified with uncertainty over the state of their devotion.The song’s energy evokes the messy turmoil of love and lust, and the music video, directed by Nathanael Vass, reflects the jittery, sexy, maddening thrill that comes with it.”

Not only has she released the new track, but the accompanying video, as well. Check them both out below:

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Kelly Murphy
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