Another Town by Kat Myers & The BuzzardsAnother Town by Kat Myers & The Buzzards

Los Angeles-based indie rock-Americana band Kat Myers & The Buzzards are happy to premiere their new track “Another Town” here at Indie Minded, a track that appears on their upcoming EP release, Owe Everybody Monday, out November 17th.

Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith if you feel strongly about something, and Kat Myers did just that:

In 2012, Kat Myers had a solid, stable job in New York City, a steady, long-term relationship, a great apartment, and a dog. She thought she might even get engaged before too long. “This is about to be my life,” Myers thought. For many people, checking off these boxes would be enough. But Myers wanted something more. She ultimately ended the relationship, quit her job, packed everything she owned into her parents’ Ford Explorer, drove back to her native Ohio, and from there bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia. “I had to figure something else out,” she says of her mindset at the time. “I wasn’t sure what was next, but I knew I wasn’t happy, and that I had to make a major change in my life.”

Music—something Myers had always loved but never pursued professionally—turned out to be the answer. “A friend from high school had told me, ‘If you don’t put music into your life and make it part of your daily ritual, then you’re going to be deeply regretful,’” she recalls. “I just started crying. I was like, ‘That bitch.’ She was right.'”

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