Lords Of Altamont Due To Play The Epic Helldorado Festival In EindhovenLords Of Altamont Due To Play The Epic Helldorado Festival In Eindhoven

Fans of 60s punk combined with American rock will be pleased to know that Lords of Altamont will be playing at Helldorado Festival in Eindhoven this November. Followers of this group of rockers that has featured over ten different members over their long history will be looking for places to enjoy the new album, The Wild Sounds of Lords of Altamont. Helldorado is the prime place to do it, as the “incredible rock & roll freakshow” features a number of other great bands as well.

Sons of the Rock Gods from Mars

According to the band themselves, Lords of Altamont are the “Sons of the Rock Gods of Mars.” They came about in 1999, when veterans of the South California music scene Jake Cavaliere and Johnny Devilla decided to get together for a new venture. They wanted to focus their garage punk roots into something leaner, meaner, and louder. To do this they realized they would need to reinvent biker rock for the 21st century, and they achieved that by running everything through a garage-punk filter and pushing everything to the red. The founders of Lords of Altamont wanted to gain a dangerous reputation and invite controversy from the outset, which is why they opted to name themselves after the infamous Altamont Festival of 1969, which is one of the most iconic events in music history. It was miles apart from the peaceful Woodstock Festival earlier that year, and marked the end of hippie culture. The counter-culture era rock concert took place in northern California on December 6, and is known for the considerable carnage that was caused during the event. It did, however, feature some of the hottest acts at the time, including Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Rolling Stones as the final act. With Lords of Altamont opting to use the festival’s name, it also let potential new fans instantly recognize where some of the band’s influences had come from.

From The Preacher to The Dealer – There has been an Eclectic Mix of Members

Over their almost 20-year history, there have been plenty of different band members in Lords of Altamont, and each has been given a unique name. Of the two founding members, Cavaliere is the only one remaining. The man who started it all is known as “The Preacher,” and this is down to his long-lasting devotion to music. The lead vocalist started his musical career when he was in high school, and since then has recorded with many different acts including The Fuzztones, The Finks, and Chelsea Smiles. He is also a member of the non-profit organization Music is Revolution. The drummer is called Steve “Knuckles” Van Der Werff, and he joined up with the band fairly recently in 2015. He earned his nickname because even when his knuckles are battered and bruised from non-stop touring he never misses a beat. Another great nickname belonged to the old bassist Spencer Robinson, who was known as “The Dealer.” He was given the moniker because he is also a professional blackjack player. He certainly wouldn’t be the first musician with a love for the blackjack card game, and one of Lords of Altamont’s influences Motorhead even sang a song about the “Ace of Spades.” Robinson went off to form his own band called Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders, and was replaced by a bassist with an even better nickname, Rob “The Garbageman” Zimmerman.

Helldorado isn’t just About Lords of Altamont – There are other class acts on the bill

Festival-goers at Helldorado won’t just be treated to the sounds of Lords of Altamont. There are a number of other awesome acts taking the stage at the eagerly anticipated one-day event that looks scary from the outside but is warm and hospitable from the inside. One of the best-known bands appearing at the Holland festival is The Darkness, who shot to fame in 2003 with their debut album Permission to Land. More recently, the English rock band have been rocking audiences at the Paradise Rock Club, and the House of Blues which are both in Boston. At these gigs they have performed a number of tracks from their latest album, Pinewood Smile. Other great bands on the menu at Helldorado include Nashville Pussy, Orange Goblin, and Triggerfinger, who are promoting their new single “Colossus”.

There is plenty to get excited about at the upcoming Helldorado Festival, which promises to be an interesting experience for all heavy rock fans. Lords of Altamont are one of the most experienced bands on the bill, but there is space for upcoming artists too as well as a wrestling bash and a special place for “Dead Elvis & His One-Man Grave.” Enjoy.

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