We’ve sniffed out the best Indie Designed Dog Tees on TeePublic and are happy to present you with a pack of options that we think you’ll love and adore. Maybe not as much as you love your four legged friends & family, but maybe enough to declare it as your favorite new tee for 2018. It is the year of the dog after all.

The design and art community on TeePublic have plenty of talent which made it difficult to narrow down which pups would help us ring in the new year and celebrate the dog! We’ve got a great variety of breeds, concepts and styles. Great pug parodies and other pop culture mashups. Funny dog quotes. Clever, cute and playful artworks. All designs are available on various Adult T-Shirt styles (starting from $20.00) and kids t-shirts ($18.00).

1. Adopt a Superdog – by NemiMakeit

Adopt a Superdog Dog T-Shirts

2. Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs – by Bleee

Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs - Indie Designed Dog Tees

3. The Corgi Mafia – by Corgi2017

The Corgi Mafia - Indie Designed Dog Tees

4. Pugpool – by KindaCreative

Pugpool- - Indie Designed Dog Tees

5. Shih Tzu – by binarygod

Shih Tzu - Indie Designed Dog Tees

6. Intellectual Pug – by fakeface

Intelectual Pug - Dog T-Shirts

7. Lickss – by Andriu

Lickss - Indie Designed Dog Tees

8. PUGTHULHU – by spotterart


9. Chewhuahua – by yortsiraulo

Chewhuahua - Millennium Falcon Tee

10. German Shepherd – by princef

German Shepherd Dog Tees

11. Owned By A Chihuahua – by bestsellers

Owned By A Chihuahua - Indie Designed Dog Tees

12. The DemoPug – by Bainha

The DemoPug - Dog T-Shirts

13. Scotty – by opifan64

Scotty - Indie Designed Dog Tees

14. Tony Bark – by joshlynch

Tony Bark Dog Mashup Tees

15. playing poker – by NemiMakeit

playing poker - Indie Designed Dog Tees

16. My Westie Is My Bestie – by teepartee

My Westie Is My Bestie T-Shirts

17. the PUGnisher – by joshlynch

the PUGnisher - Indie Designed Dog Tees

18. I Don’t Care Who Dies In A Movie… – by bestsellers

I Don't Care Who Dies In A Movie... Dog Tee

19. Doge Heart – by rockbottomaustralia

Doge Heart - Indie Designed Dog Tees

20. Chihuahua Why Do They Make Other Dogs – by KMStore

Chihuahua Why Do They Make Other Dogs - Dog lover tees

21. pitbull – by kidzgn

pitbull - Indie Designed Dog Tees

22. Being normal is boring – by soltib

Being normal is boring - Dog Tees

23. My Kids Have Fur – by teesbyfifi

My Kids Have Fur Funny Dog Parent Design

24. Shibes – by Colordrilos

Shibes - Dog T-Shirts

25. FRENCHIES – by ursulalopez

FRENCHIES - Dog T-Shirts

26. THE PUGISHER – by darklordpug

THE PUGISHER - Indie Designed Dog Tees

27. Live like someone left the gate open – by FrancisMacomber

Live like someone left the gate open - Dog inspiration tee

28. Pawsitively Bitchin’ – by harebrained

Pawsitively Bitchin' Tees

29. PUG – by pirrokoci

PUG - Indie Designed Dog Tees

30. I save dogs, What’s your superpower? – by bestsellers

I save dogs, What's your superpower? Tees

31. Yorkie Wars – by darklordpug

Indie Designed Dog Tees - Yorkie Wars

32. Capt. Blackbone the pugrate – by Madkobra

Capt. Blackbone the pugrate - Dog Tees

33. Relax – by coffeeman

Relax - Indie Designed Dog Tees

34. Kawaii Sea Dog Rottweiler Puppy – by Kaz_Foxsen

Kawaii Sea Dog Rottweiler Puppy Tee

35. Dogmeat – by Gellyarts

Dogmeat - Indie Designed Dog Tees

36. Lab – by furandcollar

Lab - Indie Designed Dog Tees

37. Funny Not Today Beagle – by HappyPaws

Funny Not Today Beagle Tees

38. Tattooed French Bulldog – by PaperTigress

Indie Designed Dog Tees - Tattooed French Bulldog T-Shirts

39. German Shepherd Chasing Tail – by FlannMoriath

German Shepherd Chasing Tail Tee

40. Rottie Pupper – by JenniferSmith

Rottie Pupper - Indie Designed Dog Tees

41. Shadow Dog – by Spykles

Shadow Dog - Indie Designed Dog Tees

42. Husky Stain – by albertocubatas

Husky Stain - Indie Designed Dog T-Shirts

43. Triple Beagle Portrait – by AlbertoArni

Triple Beagle Portrait - Indie Designed Dog T-Shirts

44. Doberman Pinscher – by Larthan

Doberman Pinscher Tee

45. Chill Dog – by Otterlyalice

Chill Dog - Funny Dog Tee

46. Roverclaw – by heatherdraws

Indie Designed Dog Tees - Roverclaw

47. Dorky Yorkie – by stuffbrawl

Dorky Yorkie - Dog Tees

48. Shiba inu – by NikKor

Shiba inu - Indie Designed Dog Tees

49. Yorkshire Terrier – by robertromanian

Yorkshire Terrier - Dog Tees

50. New Year 2018 – by Meostype

New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog Tee

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