6 Questions With Myja

Welcome to “6 Questions With…,” a series of interviews with emerging artists, musicians, and bands focusing on the music scene and how they live within it. It started as a quick, fun project, but has quickly gained serious interest, so it has become a permanent fixture here on Indie Minded. Over time, the questions may change, but the sentiment will stay the same. This is a way for independent artists to be discovered by new fans on a global scale.

Within in each post, you will find all of their social media links, and also either a link to their music, or the ability to stream at least one of their tracks or videos, depending on the availability.

We hope you enjoy this series, and if you know anyone that might be interested in being part of it, please have them reach out to us for more information.

Next in the hot seat is Los Angeles-based indie rock band Myja. We have not had the privilege of featuring Myja here on the pages of Indie Minded, so we are thrilled to bring you this short interview. Sit back and enjoy! This is what is great about this series – the discovery of new music.

For those who may not be familiar, please tell us about your music: the type of music you play, where you are from, and how you got started?

Our music is organic rock music. The birthplace of the project is California. We got started about a year and a half ago after being introduced by a mutual friend.

In which ways do you enjoy interacting with fans (i.e.: social media, backstage, on the street), and do you find that this is an important piece of your career?

I enjoy interacting with people in person more than any other way. Life is about personal connections and for me, that’s extremely hard to do online. The internet makes it easy to communicate with people over distance, but nothing compares to a conversation in person. Human interaction is definitely an important part of life.

What do you find to be your greatest struggle when it comes to the music business?

To be honest, I can’t really think of any struggles. I just create and if people dig it, great, if not, oh well. Art is indefensible, either you get it, or you don’t. It’s easier than ever to release music now. There are so many different platforms. The downside is, it’s harder than ever to get heard. Because of the fact that there are no gatekeepers anymore, anyone can put their music on Spotify, iTunes, etc. It’s kind of like watching the auditions for American Idol. Everyone thinks they can sing, but most of them are absolutely terrible. Imagine if American Idol didn’t have the judges to weed through the thousands of people that couldn’t sing.

If you could only play ONE of your songs for the rest of your career, which one would it be?

I couldn’t imagine playing just one song the rest of my life.

Well, since you don’t have one, I’ll post this track so people can check it out:

What do you think is the most realistic goal you can achieve as an artist/band? What do you hope to achieve?

I’m an optimist. I believe that anyone can accomplish anything. My goal in life is just to create and be happy. One thing that I’ve learned through the years is to expect the unexpected.

Outside of music, what do you like to do that you feel contributes to the creativity that you tap into for your music?

I actually don’t do anything outside of music. I wake up and write every day. My passion is music, my work is music, my hobby is music, my life is music!


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