Kelly & I went on a TeePublic paleontological dig and are happy to report of a land full of awesome Dinosaur T-Shirts! Designs are available on Kids T-Shirts ($18.00), and for those adults who never out-grew their dinosaur obsession (why would you?) there are various men’s and women’s styles to unearth (starting at $20.00).

IndieMinded has teamed up with TeePublic and are excited to be able to offer readers a limited time*, exclusive discount! Get 30% OFF with coupon code: INDIEDINO30
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1. I Can See My House From Here – by obinsun

Dinosaur T-Shirts - I Can See My House From Here

2. Dino-SIR – by Babakinkin

Dinosaur T-Shirts - Dino-SIR

3. Sebastian BACHiosaurus – by BoggsNicolas

Dinosaur T-Shirts - Sebastian BACHiosaurus

4. Tea Rex – by plane_yogurt

Dinosaur T-Shirts - Tea Rex

5. Mary Had a Little Lambeosaurus – by Tabners

Dinosaur Tees - Mary Had a Little Lambeosaurus

6. Save the Dinosaurs – by Tabners

Dinosaur T-Shirts - Save the Dinosaurs

7. Star T-Rex – by Captain_RibMan

Dinosaur T-Shirts - Star T-Rex

8. Tyrannosaurus Rocks – by obvian

Dinosaur Tees - Tyrannosaurus Rocks

9. Hug Me – by AlanBao

Hug Me - Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts

10. The fossil bed – by paintchips

Dinosaur T-Shirts - The fossil bed

11. Ninjas vs Dinosaurs – by Queenmob

12. Typeonediabetesaurus – by TheSugarShop

13. The Bodacious Period – by wytrab8

14. Raptor Ridge – by RangerRob

15. Clever Girl – by perdita00


16. I Was Told There Would Be Dinosaurs – by FlashMac

17. Dinosaur Pop – by Tabners

18. Velociraptor = Distanceraptor / Timeraptor – by dumbshirts

19. Irony – by HandsOffMyDino

20. If History Repeats Itself – by DetourShirts

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