Design By Humans recently released their collection of Zodiac T-Shirts, which are all as different as each sign is! You can certainly tell a lot about a person just by knowing their zodiac sign. What sign are you?

There are 12 Zodiac Signs, but we decided to share MORE than 12 t-shirts with you. There are MANY in the collection, so if you don’t see one that you LOVE, head on over and see what else they’ve got on the shelves.

Check out the collection below, and show off YOUR sign with pride!

Wait! We want to hear from you… what is one characteristic of your sign that you think truly defines you as a person? Drop it in the comments below.

Truth Seeker – by BirdBlack

zodiac t-shirts - truth seeker


Leo – by Harsimransain73

zodiac t-shirts - leo


Geminis – by MissMilia

zodiac t-shirts - geminis


The Greedy One_Aquarius – by vyahu19


Taurus Gold – by griffin45nn9z

zodiac t-shirts - taurus gold


Libra – by RachelLaughman

zodiac t-shirts - libra

Ram – by paviash

zodiac t-shirts - ram

Aries – by Alacrity

zodiac t-shirts - aries

Zodiac Sign leo – by DimDom

zodiac t-shirts - zodiac sign leo

Capricorn – by ECMazur

zodiac t-shirts - capricorn

Scorpio Constellation – by aglomeradesign

zodiac t-shirts - scorpio constellation

Virgo – by RachelLaughman

zodiac t-shirts - virgo

Aries Deco – by qetza

Sagittarius – by Vanphirst

zodiac t-shirts - sagittarius

Geometric Vintage Scorpion – by Blindpaper

zodiac t-shirts - geometric vintage scorpion

Pisces – by Desdymona

zodiac t-shirts - pisces

Pisces – by BobyBerto

 zodiac t-shirts - pisces

Zodiac Calendar – by Desdymona

zodiac t-shirts - zodiac calendar

Sagittarius Constellation – by aglomeradesign

zodiac t-shirts - sagittarius constellation

Capricorn – by krobilad

Tiny Galaxies – by LeChatdepapier

 zodiac t-shirts - tiny galaxies

Zodiac Signs On Native Tribal Leather Frame – by BluedarkArt

zodiac t-shirts - zodiac signs

Virgo – by BobyBerto

zodiac t-shirts - virgo

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