Hand Me Your Razors by Gene Dante and the Future Starlets

Boston-based indie glam-rock band Gene Dante and the Future Starlets are back with a brand new video for their track, “Hand Me Your Razors,” and they’re offering to donate download proceeds (via Bandcamp) to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

The thought of struggle was front and center when the band wrote and recorded the song. “Despite what the name might suggest, this is anything but a sad song. It’s a song of hope, of beauty, and of truth,” says Dante, front person and songwriter, adding, “we carried that vibe for the shoot, loaded the cast into a white house, incidentally, dressed up in togas, and mocked the president. It was a ball.”

When is the last time YOU were at a toga party? Walk down memory lane with Gene and his Starlets!

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Kelly Murphy
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