Friday the 13th is upon us, and what better way to test the theory of superstition than to buy a t-shirt inspired by the things that frighten you. Go on, we dare you. Your purchase won’t deliver bad luck, just awesome indie designs on quality t-shirts. That shouldn’t elicit fear – yet you may be cursed with repeat inquiries as to where you got your new threads!

TeePublic have a great collection of Horror T-Shirts created by their talented indie art & design community; all of which are tailored to the millions caught up in the “horror paradox”. 100’s of t-shirts are on offer inspired by your favorite spine tingling films, creepy TV shows, and other themes from ghosts to vampires, zombies, and a Babadook. Pick up men’s and women’s style t-shirts (starting at $20.00) along with sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve tees, tanks and kid’s tees for little ones who like dark imagination.

1. Horror Park – by Dooomcat

Horror Park - Horror T-Shirts

2. Look At Me – by mikegoesgeek

Look At Me - Horror T-Shirts

3. EVIL FLAKES – by FernandoSala

EVIL FLAKES - Horror T-Shirts

4. Brains – by cabooth

Brains - Horror T-Shirts

5. Spider – by albertocubatas

Spider Venom - Horror T-Shirts

6. Legends of Horror – by dinshoran

Legends of Horror - Horror T-Shirts

7. Red Shadow – by kryokyma

Red Shadow - Horror T-Shirts

8. vampire – by mapetitepoupee

vampire - Horror T-Shirts

9. They Float, Georgie – by binarygod

They Float, Georgie - Horror T-Shirts

10. Wanna play? – by bstgraph

Wanna play? Horror T-Shirts

11. Super Bad – by vincent021

Super Bad - Horror T-Shirts

12. Let The Right One In – by colemunrochitty

Let The Right One In - Horror T-Shirts

13. The 13th – by illproxy

The 13th - Horror T-Shirts

14. Creepskull – by samRAW08

Creepskull - Horror T-Shirts

15. Silence – by cumix47

Silence - Horror T-Shirts

16. Horrible Hands Frantic Feet – by ViolentAbduction

Horrible Hands Frantic Feet - Horror T-Shirts

17. Ash vs. Henrietta – by GritFX

Ash vs. Henrietta - Horror T-Shirts

18. I Know I’m Human – by PaybackPenguin

I Know I'm Human - Horror T-Shirts

19. Nightmare – by CreatedByImrie

Nightmare - Horror T-Shirts

20. Darkness & Demogorgons – by tomkurzanski

Darkness & Demogorgons - Horror T-Shirts

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