Blown by Jeffrey Foucault ft. Tift Merritt

Massachusetts-based indie Americana-folk singer-songwriter Jeffrey Foucault has released the new video for his track “Blown,” on which he duets with Tift Merritt. Oddly, he started writing the track on the way home from a gig where he opened for Merritt, so it has truly come full circle.

“I wrote the first half of this song on my knee in the car on the way home from a Tift show that I opened years back, before we knew each other, when she was touring her beautiful album Traveling Alone,” says Foucault of the ballad. “So there’s a nice symmetry in having her sing the duet on it.”

“I knew our voices sounded good together, because I’d spent plenty of time singing along with her records in the car, and while doing the dishes. This song is about what it means to be really gone. There’s a brief time after you’ve ventured out into the world, when you might still be able to go home again. Then that time passes and you can’t go home anymore, not because home has changed all that much, but because the you that left no longer exists.”

Foucault’s voice paired with Merritt’s immediately grabbed my attention, and I fell in love with the track the first time I heard it. Give it a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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Kelly Murphy
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