Phoenix-based songwriter, musician,  and producer CJ Teffner has recently released a new album called Stars, which features vocals by singer Robyn Cage.

CJ has been playing the drums since he was a small kid, when he would drum the shit out of his mothers coffee table, and he hasn’t stopped since. Teffner also plays the piano, cello, and mandolin. 

“Stars is the most vulnerable, personal group of songs I’ve written,” explains Teffner. “I labored over them, stressed about them, I questioned myself if I could even dare to share these songs. Two of the three originals were written almost five years ago, but they, or I, wasn’t ready. They are songs of hope, regret, finding inner strength and forgiveness. Finishing and releasing Stars is cathartic for me.”

I urge you to check out their cover of “Crazy Train,” along with the rest of the album, of course. 

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Kelly Murphy
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