Australia-based indie folk-pop artist Calan Mai has released the video for his track “XO,” which shows Calan living his best life through the possessions of another person. 

The concept for the video was created by Calan Mai himself, and he recruited his lifelong friend Mackenzie Fearnley as his co-star. Calan Mai explains, “‘XO’ is a song about aspiration so it made sense to take that notion 100% literally in the music video. After all, what could be more aspirational than sneaking into another person’s home and living their life as you imagine it? We all stalk people on social media, browse their friends’ lists, and pour over the tiny details of their day. Then we post images that make us look like those same Wall Street ballers we admire, and the whole thing feeds itself-just people pretending to be people pretending. But most of us, including those we idolize, are unfulfilled, lonely and starved of affection. A nice suit and a martini will never top a grilled cheese sandwich and the company of a friend. One just looks a little better on Instagram.”

We are diggin the track here at Indie Minded, and can’t wait to hear the new EP when it drops. 

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Kelly Murphy
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