Today, we’ve got a new video to share from Sydney-based indie alt-dream-pop band Erthlings for their debut single ‘Bridges.’ The band has been writing together since primary school in Sydney, and are still at it…at the ripe old age of 16. Yep, 16. That’s not even important, though – it’s just a fun fact. What is important is that they’ve got a great sound and have a bright future! 

‘Bridges’ was directed by Australian photographer Cybele Malinowski, and as it was Erthlings debut single, it was Malinowski’s directorial debut. Kismet. 

Of the video, Malinowski notes, “I am so aware of the excitement, anticipation, and appreciation that comes with being a teenage girl, and acutely the over-sexualizing of young women. I wanted this clip to show their fearlessness, vulnerability and all the conflicting states that being a teenage girl can encompass. ‘Bridges’ is such a wise and deep song, I wanted to reveal the depth and honesty these young women contain, revealed through shooting each girl individually in mid and close up format. By splitting the screens, we hold the gaze of each girl as they play the entire song – an intimate and honest performance delivered by all.”

Check it out, and enjoy being on the ground floor of this great new band. 

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Kelly Murphy
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