Check out the new track from Austin-based indie alt-pop band Linen Closet called “Act IV,” which will appear on their upcoming self-titled release, available October 19th. 

Linen Closet has a sound that will remind you of Vampire Weekend with a splash of David Bowie for good measure. “Act IV” has a smooth, bouncy sound that will bring you in with the first few notes. 

“Linen Closet is the brainchild of songwriter, engineer, and sound designer for theatre Adam Hilton, who has worked with artists like Jad Fair, Jandek, and more. Fellow composer and sound designer Henna Chou (Director of Austin’s avant-garde arts collective COTFG) helped him flesh out the project early on, and Linen Closet went through many iterations — from a three-piece consisting of a drum machine, ukulele, and trumpet, to a fourteen-piece orchestral group — before settling into its current lineup. In addition to Hilton and Chou, the band’s core members include Andrew Stevens (Lomelda, Hovvdy, Alex Napping), Matthew Grusha (She Sir), and Aaron Castillo & Dustin Withers (New Arrows). “

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Kelly Murphy
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