Boston’s own Parlour Bells are back with their first music video in over five years, and we’ve got it for you to check out today. “Sanctuary Cities” appears on their full-length CD called Waylaid in the Melée.

As vocalist “Goddamn” Glenn di Benedetto reminds us, “you don’t buy your steaks from Sharper Image, you don’t pick your presidents from 5th Avenue,” as he stands in front of a podium that comically features a hashtag symbol on the front. 

The Phoenix tends to rise from the ashes, and for those feeling like you are currently still in the ashes, just hold on, everything…will…be…ok. In the meantime, throw “Sanctuary Cities” on a loop and swing from the barbed wire fences. 

Waylaid in the Melée is available to stream through Apple Music and Spotify. Though, I urge you to purchase your copy through Bandcamp.

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | @ParlourBells

Kelly Murphy
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