Boston-based indie rock band (or as they like to call themselves, “space-pop”) The I Want You have released a new EP called Some Psychics, the second to be released just this year. The first EP of 2018 was All Beat Up, which we saw back in April. 

“This has been an incredibly creative year for us and everybody is already preparing for the next recording,” said vocalist Jim Gerdeman.

Something tells me that we may even get more new music from The I Want You sometime in the near future. No, I am not some psychic, but at the rate they’re going… I wouldn’t put it past them. 

In addition to this EP, and April’s All Beat UpThe I Want You are featured on the recent Keep Safe Boston compilation to benefit For Everytown For Gun Safety.

Give the new EP a listen, it’s a solid release, and I look forward to what is next for these guys. 

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Kelly Murphy
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