Synth-pop singer The Religion is gearing up to release his new CD Anhedonia, and for now, we’ve got the newest single, ‘Envy,’ available for our ears. 

“‘Envy’ was both an easy song and a hard song to put together, depending on the time you’re talking about, and if it hadn’t been for feedback from my friends and family it never would have been the single. “Envy” made me uncomfortable from the day I wrote it, and there were many times I almost scrapped it – though, I’m glad I didn’t. During the writing of “Anhedonia” I kind of had my emotional antenna up, trying to catch those fleeting feelings we all have 100 times a day to try and observe them and give them voice. “Envy” came from that sort of place. I caught myself having this feeling – this sort of mix of envy, attraction, jealousy, and sort of petty enviousness – and thought “Wow, that’s pretty powerful. That’s definitely a universal feeling, but something no one would ever want to admit to.” So, I decided to explore it.”

“You’re beautiful, and I hate you for it…”

Anhedonia releases on September 28th, and will be available on most (if not all) streaming sites. 

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