We’ve got the new track from Boston-based indie rock band Cruel Miracle called ‘What You Need,’ a shot in the ass that will make you forget you needed coffee. 

Cruel Miracle is not just another rock band. It’s a force fueled by raw passion and the nostalgia-inducing aesthetics of classic rock and roll. Established in 2014 and based out of Boston; the band brings utmost respect for genuine leather, a purring bike engine, and tasteful distortion, Cruel Miracle is determined to bring back the romance and attitude of music when analog sounds reigned the world. They are authentically no nonsense, no gimmicks and no tricks. With nods to Zeppelin, Gn’R, The Doors, and more 90’s influences like Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam, STP, and RATM, Cruel Miracle is a sound all of its own. Classic Rock for the modern days… with a hearty a sense of danger.

Check it out below via Spotify, too:

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Kelly Murphy
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