We are happy to share with you the new video from Manchester, UK-based alt-R&B artist Jordan Max called ‘Me, Mary and My Guitar.’ 

Jordan Max on his inspiration for “Me, Mary and My Guitar”: “It’s about a broken relationship, it didn’t work out. I thought I loved her at the time but it all went wrong, no longer am I her fool. Now I’ve let go of that and it’s just me, Mary (weed) and my guitar, I’m walking away in the shoes she bought me.”

The scenic video for “Me, Mary & My Guitar” was shot at the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Showcasing the region’s open roads and vast mountain ranges, “Me, Mary & My Guitar” features wide shots of Jordan Max motorcycling down an empty highway, interspersed with footage of him seated alone in various settings — from a dark, crowded bar, to an open field, to a rippling river basin surrounded by desert. Alongside solo shots of Max, viewers are introduced to a woman sitting solemnly outside her home and later standing in the same open field. “Me, Mary & My Guitar” begins a story between Jordan Max and the mystery woman, to be continued in coming visuals.

Alright, alright, alriiiiiight – we’re diggin it, Max!

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