London-based indie pop band SUN SILVA recently released their track ‘Blue Light,’ and now they’re back with the official video. They’ve gained serious traction with ‘Blue Light,’ and are starting to get really noticed. Oh, did I mention that the track appears on the FIFA 19 soundtrack? Not too shabby, lads. 

Regarding the single frontman Oscar Gormley says, “‘Blue Light’ is about how social media dominates so many young people’s lives. The song is about how this freaks me out and it reminisces on simpler times.”

Continuing about the video he says, “The desolate spaces and stark contrast of sea and land used in the filming of the video reflect on the ghostly feeling of being trapped by a digital ocean of constant social media.”

Keep your eye on SUN SILVA, I can’t wait to hear what is next… 

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Kelly Murphy
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