Los Angeles-based indie musician Shoffy (I cannot pigeon-hole this kid into one genre, he hits them all – pop, r&b, soul, dance, electronic… I could go on and on) has released his newest CD Lenses, and we are happy to share it with you all today. 

Shoffy recently sat down with Billboard to talk about his move from the financial world as an analyst to making music. Kudos to Shoffy for taking that leap of faith, and it’s paid off. Check it out:

I did better in 2017 doing music than in private equity. I was expecting to take a loss last year and just really try to build it up but I was so lucky that it started working with music. Spotify has been a great platform. You don’t need a giant label behind you. You can get your music out there and get it heard through playlisting. Having close to 100 percent share of a song has allowed me to do music like this. The streaming numbers we’ve been getting have been pretty cool — around 128 million total on Spotify. It adds up!

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