How To Get Featured On Indie Minded!

We’d LOVE to feature you! Though it is (somewhat) easy to get featured here on Indie Minded, we do have guidelines. Here is what we need from you:

  • Be sure to provide us with all of your links (website, shop, link to music (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc), all social links, etc) so that we can include them in the post; please do not make us go searching the internet for your links.
  • Tell us a bit about your company, band, brand, etc. Where you’re from, how you got started, something interesting about your company/band.
  • If you’d like us to review any of your products on our site, please let us know and we will give you our mailing information. NOTE: we do not have anyone on staff right now to review MUSIC;.
  • Musicians! We DO NOT accept MP3’s or downloads. Please make sure your track or CD/EP is streamable, and send us that link.
  • Musicians! We can premiere your track, video, EP or CD! Just give us at LEAST a week heads up to get it ready and we’re happy to (after we listen to it, of course). 
  • Once you have that information together, email us at
  • Please do not ask us to feature your “new” song, video, EP or CD if it is more than 30 days old. Unfortunately, that is not new in this industry.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not send multiple follow up emails about how busy we must be and that you wanted to send another email to make sure we got it. We got it, but we get HUNDREDS of emails a day, it takes some time to get through them all. We love you, please be patient with us.

That’s IT! We’ll handle the rest, and hope that you will see a spike in traffic after being featured here on Indie Minded! Be sure to let us know about ANY new products or projects you are releasing, any promotions that you are running… ANYTHING newsworthy you want us to pass along!

As soon as we have something scheduled, or if we need more information (like images, etc…) we’ll surely be in touch!

Please be patient, we receive MANY requests and we do our best to get features up in a timely fashion. We love giving indie bands and companies this exposure, we hope you like your featured article!

Please note that we will be a bit tougher in 2019 on who we feature on Indie Minded. We want to bring THE BEST of THE BEST to our readers, and we may turn you away. This does not mean that you should throw in the towel and stop making music… or designing. It just means that at THIS POINT… we are choosing to pass on featuring you. Feel free to submit your work to us down the line when you release something new.

Thank you for allowing US to feature YOU!

Here’s where you send all your info: