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Indie Minded Live Radio Show!

Indie Minded now our own LIVE radio show every week from the WMFO Studios in Medford, Massachusetts! What does this mean? We now get to give YOU even MORE exposure! Here’s who we showcase on the show, whether it be live in studio, via Skype/phone or even just discussing:

  • Clothing brands
  • Musicians
  • Film makers
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Printers
  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Comedians
  • Authors
  • Small business owners

The show will be coming to you LIVE from Medford, Massachusetts and you can listen live from WMFO.org or the Tune In radio app (search “WMFO”).

We are ACTIVELY looking for indie music to play during our shows, please contact us at: radio@indieminded.com if you want to be considered! Don’t be shy, reach out and email us ASAP! 

NOTE: all music has to be edited for radio (NO SWEARS) or we will not even consider it. FCC guidelines! 

NOTE: we are only accepting the cream of the crop for airplay!

We’re taking sponsors for the show! That’s right, your small business / indie company can be an official sponsor on this new radio show.

What are the sponsorship details? Please contact us at radio@indieminded.com for our rate card and demographic information!

Are you in the Boston area? Let’s get you in the studio for an interview during a live show! Contact us for scheduling!

We WILL be playing music during our show, so if you are a musician or are in a band, contact us for information on how YOU can get some FREE airplay!

In town for a show/book signing/etc? Contact us to schedule a time to stop by during a live show!

Where can you hear our show? We can be found LIVE during showtime at WMFO.org. Missed a show? Subscribe to our show on iTunes!

For more information, email us at radio@indieminded.com

Just like YOU are indie…. WE are indie! If you’d like to donate to the Indie Minded Radio Show, please hit the DONATE button below: