Round Up of 40 Transformers T-Shirts
Round Up

40 Transformers T-Shirts

Michael Bay's fourth (and final?) installment in the Transformers film series is about to explode onto screens! Yes, that's right
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Bumblebee from Captain RibMan

Bumblebee by Captain RibMan is now available on Redbubble, this is what happens when you mashup a minor simpsons character and the big blockbuster Transformers movie!
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New Tees from Ninjaink over on Redbubble

A Real American Pinup, Destroy the Robot Master, Defeat the Robot Masters, The A> Team & Fury's Seven are all new designs available over on the Redbubble store of Ninjaink. Geeks and comic fans unite for these; A-team, marvel, megaman and ocean's eleven based designs.
Artist Spotlight

TTG Artist Spotlight: Caddywompus

Here I'm really happy to extend out artist spotlight series to introduce a previously realative unknown artist to us and you our readers. Here is the work and tee designs of Caddywompus.
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3 New Designs from NinjaInk

Anonymous Prime, Confedervania 2: Abraham's Quest & Vampire Hunter A: Emancipation are the three latest designs to come from the Ninjaink Online store over on Redbubble.
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Autobats from Maclac on OtherTees

A man not shy at appearing on the pages of TTG is Maclac, last featured for his Mutant cider, here this RBC affiliated artist now has his Transformers/Batman mashup design; Autobats on OtherTees.