Art by Tony Shasteen has been featured before on Indie Minded with a spotlight on his “Stealing the Scene” collection – classic moments & quotes from cult films in his comic book art style. These are different and wholly appropriate for Mad Men t-shirts. Tony has a hip retro design style in which he brings to life four of the key characters from the 1960’s set television show. It would be groovy to see some other characters, and should they surface we’ll be the first to advertise.

Pick one up today and during your Christmas festivities, if you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation… and shift it to your Mad Men t-shirt!

Mad Men – Don Draper

MAD MEN - Retro Don Draper T-Shirts
Hello, interested strangers. Change is neither good or bad, it simply is. Change your shirt! Why does everybody need to talk about everything?

Mad Men – Joan Holloway

MAD MEN - Joan Holloway T-Shirts

Mad Men – Roger Sterling

MAD MEN - Retro Roger Sterling T-Shirts
Your whole generation, you dress for the wrong reasons. My generation, we wear t-shirts because they’re good, because they feel better than buttoning your collar, because we deserve them. We wear t-shirts because it’s what people do.

Mad Men – Peggy Olson

MAD MEN - Peggy Olson T-Shirts
You have to run with this. It’s young. And it’s beautiful. And no one else is gonna figure out how to say that about t-shirts. Dazzle them!

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