NY-based graphic designer Cory Freeman holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Graphic Design Major. His portfolio covers the fields of branding, promotional and book design with several of his fun logos catching my eye. In addition to his corporate work, Cory loves to dabble in the world of 3D modeling and texturing, and as an apparel designer he has been featured on sites such as Busted Tees, Tee Fury, and We Love Fine. He plays to his graphic design strengths and has some of the most impressive faux product logo designs on offer, and we’ve featured his work before including his Game of Thrones-inspired brewery logo “Wildfire”. This post spotlights his impressive “Middle Earth Brews” series which you can pick up on t-shirts (from $20.00) and other apparel.

So grab a mug and let’s quench our Tolkien thirst with Cory’s Middle Earth Brew T-Shirts! Cheers Cory!

Bag End Brew

Bag End Brew - Middle Earth Brew Tees
A Hobbit’s Ale… and yes, it comes in pints!

Erebor Stout

Erebor Stout - Middle Earth Brew Tees
Everyone knows the hearty dwarves of Erebor brew a mean stout! The dwarven runes read “The Ale Under the Mountain”.

Rivendell Cider

Rivendell Cider - Middle Earth Brew Tees
Brewed by the elves of the Last Homely House East of the Sea.

Mordor Dark Ale

Mordor Dark Ale - Middle Earth Brews T-Shirts
One does not simply sip this brew fit for a dark lord!

Green Dragon Lager

Green Dragon Lager - Middle Earth Brews T-Shirts
“The Only Brew for the Brave and True!” Hobbits of The Shire rejoice! Bywater Brewery’s newest lager, named after the popular pub and inn, is here at last!

Entmoot Maple Mead

Entmoot Maple Mead Brew Tee
Makes your grow tall!

Golden Hall Pilsner

Golden Hall Pilsner - Middle Earth Brew Tee
Riders of Rohan… drink up!

Minas Tirith White Ale

Minas Tirith White Ale T-Shirt
Drink up, Gondor!

Prancing Pony Porter

Prancing Pony Porter T-Shirt
The Green Dragon Lager has got nothin’ on the Prancing Pony Porter!

Great Goblin Grog

Great Goblin Grog T-Shirt
Number 10 in the “Middle Earth Brews” series. Get your drink on, down, down in Goblin Town!

Mirkwood Merlot

Mirkwood Merlot - Middle Earth Brew Series Tees
Number 11 in the Middle Earth Brews Series. This wine is fit for an Elvish King! But be careful… you’ll get lost in it!

Wandering Wizard Wheat Ale

Wandering Wizard Wheat Ale - Middle Earth Brews Tees
All we have to decide is what to drink with the time that is given us.

A selection of the “Middle Earth Brews” collection are available on other apparel and art prints!

Middle Earth Brews - Apparel & Art Prints

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