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Crosshatching is a method of illustration which uses the layering of two parallel lines, hatching at right-angles. Density and movement of lines give us a sense of depth and forms by showing light and shadow.

Berlin designer and artist, Andreas Preis uses an exaggerated form of crosshatching to create his dynamic illustrations. The bones of his illustrations can be likened to tattoo art, with his hatching technique providing unique “patterned” areas of visual interest whilst still achieving the formal intent of traditional crosshatching – providing depth and shadow.

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For those intrigued to know more about Andreas’ style and technique, here are some words from Andreas followed by a time-lapse video demonstrating the entire process of hand drawing and inking the illustration.

“Almost everything you see is done by hand. The hatchings don’t consist of patterns, they are real drawings for every single artwork. I use fineliners, markers, acrylics, aerosols etc. All those single pieces get scanned and put together in Photoshop.”

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