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Last month Society6 introduced Laptop Sleeves! Available in 13″ ($36.00) and 15″ ($39.00) these will protect your gear in style.

Society6 Laptop Sleeves

About Society6’s Laptop Sleeves:
Form fitting, lightweight sleeves created with high quality polyester – optimal for vibrant color absorption. The design is printed on both sides to fully showcase the artwork. Pull back the YKK zipper and you’ll find an interior fully lined with super soft, scratch resistant micro-fiber.

society6 Laptop Sleeves - close-ups

This post spotlights a selection of awesome Lego laptop sleeves created by the awesome Society6 design community!

1. Lego – by Yiannis

Lego Laptop Sleeve

2. lego – by De4macja

lego Laptop Sleeve

3. Emmet – by Shujaat Syed

Emmet Laptop Sleeve

4. LEGO Bricks – by Patent Drawing

LEGO Bricks Laptop Sleeves

5. Lego Evolution – by Barbo’s Art

Lego Evolution Laptop Sleeves

6. Leg’s Plan – by Le.duc

Leg's Plan Laptop Sleeve

7. Tron Lego – by Ant Atomic

Tron Lego Laptop Sleeve

8. LEGO FRUIT – by Agustin Flowalistik

LEGO FRUIT Laptop Sleeves

9. Lego Hector – by Harry Martin

Lego Hector Laptop Sleeve

10. LEGO LAND – by Davide Carnevale

LEGO LAND Laptop Sleeve

11. Lego House – by Emmalene Blake

Lego House Laptop Sleeves

12. Lego Busters – by Plopezjr

Lego Busters Laptop Sleeve

13. Old Lego – by KaisaK

Old Lego Laptop Sleeve

14. Lego Performer – by InkBlot

Lego Performer Laptop Sleeve

15. Magneto Lego – by Deborah Cauchi

Magneto Lego Laptop Sleeves

16. Captain Tightpants (Lego Firefly) – by Li.Ro.Vi

Captain Tightpants (Lego Firefly) Laptop Sleeve

17. LEGO bricks reflections – by Pedro Nogueira

LEGO bricks reflections laptop sleeve

18. LEGO my Man – by Jordanramey

LEGO my Man Laptop Sleeve

19. Lego Lichtenstein – Scream – by Timkirman

Lego Lichtenstein - Scream Laptop Sleeves

20. Lego brick pattern – by James Thornton

Lego brick pattern Laptop Sleeve

21. Vintage Lego White Spaceman Minifig – by Greg Koenig

Vintage Lego White Spaceman Minifig

22. Lego: Spartacus Blood and Sand – by Akyanyme

Lego- Spartacus Blood and Sand Laptop Sleeve

23. Oh my lego! Don’t do that! – by Complesso Gasparo

Oh my lego ! Don't do that !

24. The Raft Of The Medusa (after Gericault) – by Splendidhand

The Raft Of The Medusa (after Gericault)(lego version)

25. Danger AFOL Adult Fan of LEGO – by Chillee Wilson

Danger AFOL Adult Fan of LEGO

26. Fortified with Vitamin S – by Powerpig

Fortified with Vitamin S - Lego Laptop Sleeve

27. Outbreak – by Powerpig

Outbreak Lego Photographic Laptop Sleeves

28. Bricks – by Project M

Bricks Laptop Sleeve

29. Anatomy of a Minifig – by Haragos

Anatomy of a Minifig Laptop Sleeve

30. Yellow power – by Le.duc

Yellow power Laptop Sleeve

31. Skate and Destroy – by Reggie Ballesteros

Skate and Destroy Laptop Sleeve

32. Go Away! – by Pedro Nogueira

Go Away! Laptop Sleeve

33. Tyrion Lannister – by Hugo Pascoal

Tyrion Lannister - Lego Laptop Sleeve

34. Brickwork Orange – by I.Nova

Brickwork Orange - Laptop Sleeve

35. Into the Sunset – by Twothreebricks

Into the Sunset - Laptop Sleeve

36. Minifigure Pattern – by Raddington Falls

Minifigure Pattern - Laptop Sleeve

37. The Big Legowski – by Luke Callow

The Big Legowski - Laptop Sleeves

38. All Warriors – by New Mindflow

All Warriors - Lego Laptop Sleeve

39. Alas… – by Paul M Wilson

Alas - Lego Laptop Sleeve

40. LEGO: Playwell. – by Squidoodle

LEGO: Playwell - laptop sleeve

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