DBH Fall Fright Tee Collection

DesignByHumans’ “Fall Fright Collection” highlights frightful tees created by their vast indie art & design community; all of which are of course suited to the Halloween season. 100+ t-shirts are on offer, covering such ghoulishness as zombies, evil skulls, killer pumpkins and more zombies. They can also be picked up on hoodies and tanks. This post spotlights my top 20 from the collection…

Let a scary tee be your Halloween costume this year… Check out the DBH Fall Fright collection & save 10% with coupon code: MYCOSTUME. (End Date: 10/31/2015)

1. Lilith’s Brethren Inks – by Wolfskulljack

Lilith's Brethren Inks - Fright Tee

2. Headless Horseman – by opawapo

Headless Horseman Fall Fright Tee

3. Zombie Mayhem! – by cabooth

Zombie Mayhem Horror Tee

4. Hard to Kill – by angry_monk

Hard to Kill Scary Tee



6. muerte – by uwanlibner

Muerte - Scary Tees

7. Last stand – The Zombie invasion – by radiomode

Last stand - The Zombie invasion Tee

8. The Plague – by radiomode

The Plague - Fall Fright Tee

9. FUNKENSTEIN – by BeastPop

FUNKENSTEIN - Fall Fright Tee

10. After Life – by opawapo

After Life - Scary Tees

11. Dead Tree – by ThrashParty

Dead Tree - Fall Fright Tee

12. The Charmer – by Demented

The Charmer - Scary Tees

13. Parasite Astronaut – by villainmazk

Parasite Astronaut - Fall Fright Tee

14. DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES – by zeewilson


15. Winya No. 52 – by Winya

winya_no52 Scary Tees

16. Zombie Shadows – by RicoMambo

Zombie Shadows - Fall Fright Tee

17. Pumpkin Head the Butcher – by r4pro

Pumpkin Head the Butcher Tee

18. I love you pumpkin – by Dagui

I love you pumpkin Tee

19. Grave Visitation – by qetza

Grave Visitation - Fall Fright Tee

20. Geek Zombie – by Geno75

Geek Zombie - Scary Tees

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Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in the post above, but the opinions are my own.

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