With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the time to dress your home in horror movie themed wall tapestries from Society6. Demons, psychos, mask-wearing slashers, ghosts, evil clowns, vampires and werewolves are all the stuff of nightmarish celluloid. From Nosferatu to Babadook-dook-dook, you’re sure to find your favourite freak amongst Society6’s massive collection.

So turn your home into a house of horrors with horror movie wall tapestries!

1. The Shining – by Dan Howard

The Shining Horror Movie Wall Tapestry

2. The King of Horror – by Jade Jones

The King of Horror Wall Tapestry

3. The Bride – by Beth Michele

The Bride Horror Movie Tapestry

4. Michael – by Naidl

Michael Horro Movie Art

5. The Exorcist Inspired Vintage Movie Poster – by Dan Howard

the Exorcist Horror Movie Wall Tapestries

6. Dracula movie poster – by Inno Theme

Dracula Movie Tapestries

7. The Birds – Movies & Outfits – by Meritxell Garcia

The Birds Wall Tapestry

8. The Silence of the Lambs – by Tom Bernardes

Silence of the Lambs Tapestry

9. Shine On You Bat-Shit Crazy Diamond – by SHINEBOX

shine on Wall Tapestry

10. Groovy – by SHINEBOX

Groovy - Horror Movie Tapestries

11. Bub The Friendly Zombie – by Duke Dastardly

Bub Zombie Wall Tapestry

12. Frankenstein – by Nicebleed

Frankenstein wall tapestry

13. Lush Pinhead // Hellraiser – by Jethro Lacson

Lush Pinhead Tapestry

14. Babadook – by Ilaria De Rosa

Babadook Wall Tapestries

15. On A Dark Moon. – by JCMaziu

On a Dark Moon Aliens Wall Tapestry

16. Nosferatu Dracula Vampire King – by Scott Jackson Monsterman Graphic

Nosferatu Horror Wall Tapestries



18. American Mayhem – by SHINEBOX

American Mayhem - Horror Tapestry

19. ALIEN: FACEHUGGER – by BeastWreck

Alien Horror Movie Wall Tapestries

20. Leatherface – by Colunga-Art

Leatherface wall tapestry

21. Homage to Suspiria – by Giorgio Finamore

Homage to Suspiria Wall Tapestry

22. American Werewolf in London – by Scumcinema

American Werewolf Horror Tapestries

23. They Float, Georgie – by BinaryGod

They Float, Georgie WALL TAPESTRY

24. Hail to the King – by ChrisHdzArt

Hail to the King Horror Movie Tapestries

25. Norman Bates logo – by Buby87

Norman Bates logo - WALL TAPESTRY