Niels Revers
Independent Dutch editorial designer, Niels Revers works on brochure and ad layouts during the day; at night, his “sci-fi nerd” comes out to play and keeps his creative mind active designing “nerd things for nerds and nerd-wannabees”. As a fanatic runner, he’d certainly be competition against Rey – unless he became distracted and stopped to work on a new Star Wars design! His experience in logo design is demonstrated in the construction of his minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts – clean vector artwork is given a touch of distressing which breaks up the large forms (Imperial logo, Rebel/Resistance logo and Death Star motif) which work harmoniously with the starships (or AT-AT) they backdrop. Movement is simple and effective, and with considered placement, the designs are anchored nicely through the balance of these backdrops.

Which side of the force are you drawn to? It’s simple to pledge your allegiance with Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts by Niels Revers!

1. Resist TFA X-Wings

Resist TFA X-Wings - Minimal Star Wars T-Shirts

2. ATATtack

ATATtack - Minimal Star Wars T-Shirts

3. Tie Fighter

Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts

4. X-Wing

X-Wing - Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts

5. On The Leader

Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts

6. Snowspeeders

Snowspeeders - Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts

7. Rebels Hammer

Rebels Hammer - Star Wars T-Shirts

8. Snowspeeder AtAtack

Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts

Simply in love with these Minimalist Star Wars T-Shirts?
Also available on more colors, other styles (incl. kids tees – $18.00) & phone cases!

Minimalist Star Wars Apparel & phonecases

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Want something for your walls?
Art Prints (framed or unframed) are available via Lazare’s Society6 Store!

Minimalist Star Wars Art Prints

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