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New Zealand-based comedy team Flight of the Conchords has me in stitches every time I watch them. Brit (sorry, Bret) McKenzie and Jemaine Clement make for quite the musical-comedy duo, creating some of the funniest song parodies! When they’re not performing, their wackiness bleeds into other areas of life…

“Bret’s inventions on the Flight of the Conchords show were pretty funny. He made “hand gloves” (glove that looked like his hands) and his “Hair Helmet” a bike helmet that looked like his hair.” ~ Maclac

Today’s Tee Of The Day – a Brett “Hair Helmet” inspired creation designed to resemble the Full Metal Jacket poster – is by UK indie artist Malc Foy (aka Maclac). Maclac loves to come up with pop culture and sci-fi mash-ups (between enjoying burgers & beers), has an interest in photography and dabbles in music. Jump to the end of this post for links to his work!

Well, what are you waiting for!? Get on your bike and pick up a FOTC – Hair Helmet T-Shirt by Maclac today!

FOTC – Hair Helmet

FOTC - Hair Helmet
Brett never finished his Hair Helmet having struggled getting enough body into it!

“FOTC – Hair Helmet” Adult T-Shirts – $25.20 USD

FOTC - Hair Helmet T-Shirt
Available on other colors; Sizes S – 3XL.

“FOTC – Hair Helmet” Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $32.22 USD

FOTC - Hair Helmet Long Sleeve Tee
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“FOTC – Hair Helmet” Unisex Tank – $27.65 USD

Hair Helmet Tank
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Available on various other styles and as Art Prints!

FOTC – Hair Helmet Apparel & Art Prints

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