Lions, (particularly males) have been important symbols for thousands of years and appear in European, Asian and African cultures. Known as the ‘King of Beasts’ or the ‘King of the Jungle’ the lion is commonly known for symbolizing strength, authority, natural leadership, royalty/stateliness and bravery. As a “spirit animal” (or totem), the lion is generally associated with a representation of personal strength and relentlessness in the face of life challenges. As a nocturnal creature the lion is a symbol of command over subconscious thought. The list goes on… wisdom in Buddhism, guardians in ancient Greece, dignity, courage, justice, confidence, honesty and unity…

Fanboy30 Today’s LION Tee Of The Day comes from one of my favorite apparel designers – Matthew Parsons (aka Fanboy30). In the past we’ve covered his successful apparel collaboration work; named him one of the Winchester Bros. of Tee Design (along with MannyPDesign); and have showcased many of his other pop cultured inspired apparel art in tee round-ups and spotlights. Matthew has so much to offer (including professional photography which is showcased on his greeting card collection) and is an artist who “is passionate about imagery as a form of expression and communication.” Which brings me back to today’s Tee Of The Day Spotlight – strong authoritative lion artwork that in its simplicity can represent your love of wildlife or behave as a symbol for strength (or any other motif listed above).

Pay tribute to the King of Beasts with a royally awesome Lion T-Shirt by Fanboy! It’ll easily dominate your tee-cycle and will no doubt become the pride of your wardrobe.

Hail The King

Lion T-Shirt

“Hail the king” Adult T-Shirts – $20.00 USD

Lion T-Shirt
Available on men’s and women’s styles; plus tri-blend tees – $29.00USD.

“Hail the king” Sweatshirts – $38.00 USD

Hail the king Sweatshirt
Available on standard and lightweight sweatshirts; plus women’s raglan pullover – $35.00USD.

“Hail the king” Racerback Tank – $24.00 USD

Hail the king Tank
Available on women’s racerback tanks plus regular unisex tank tops.

Available on dark colors along with Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees and kids tees ($18.00).

Hail The King Apparel

Visit Matt’s TeePublic Store for more great designs!

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