Plane Yogurt Petrospective 2015
New Zealand born artist James Huntley (aka Plane Yogurt) divides his time “between drawing, thinking about drawing, berating myself for not drawing enough and occasional naps.” James took up art in his late 20’s and has been developing his style and technique ever since. Using a Wacom Cintiq, James creates impressive digital pieces and can be contacted regarding sketching or painting your pet. Commission options are super affordable… so if you want to immortalize your pet you should get in touch with him today!

As an animal lover and cat owner James’s recent book release “Plane Yogurt Petrospective 2015” includes many adorable cats as well as other animals and pop culture inspired drawings. The 8 × 8 inch softcover book of sketches and paintings is available through for $24.99.

On his TeePublic store you’ll find more cats. But you’ll also find the focus of today’s spotlight – his mashups of Minions as Star Wars characters, a collection which is far from despicable! Classic Star Wars characters from the original & prequel trilogies are re-invented as cute little cylindrical creatures who have one or two eyes! So adorable. Pick up James’ illustrated “Minion Star Wars” series on various colored Adult T-Shirts ($20.00) and other apparel via TeePublic.

Be a loyal Star Wars servant and procure Minion Star Wars T-Shirts by Plane Yogurt!

1. Storm Troopersion

Storm Troopersion - Minion Star Wars T-Shirts

2. Yodaion

Yodaion - Minion Star Wars T-Shirts

3. Droidions

Droidions Minion Star Wars T-Shirts

4. Chewion

Chewion - Minion Star Wars Tee

5. Leiaion

Leiaion - Star Wars Minion T-Shirts

6. Ewoksion

Ewoksion - Minion Star Wars Tee

7. Hanion

Hanion T-Shirts - Star Wars Minion T-Shirts

8. Jar Jar Binksion

Jar Jar Binksion T-Shirts

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