Spanish graphic designer Fernando Sala holds awards for his logo and mural work. His graphic design portfolio also includes advertising and poster design, and as a freelance illustrator/artist Fernando loves to create comic strips, cartoons and sculpture. Fernando hopes we all enjoy his illustrations as much as he enjoys creating them, and welcomes commission enquiries.

As an apparel designer, he uses both his design and illustration skills to create an incredible collection of t-shirts – several of which have made it onto various Indie Minded t-shirt round-ups including 3 of our Star Wars themed posts. Needless to say, within Fernando’s collection of pop culture parodies & mashups is an awesome collection of Star Wars designs! This post spotlights his impressive “Star Wars Brews” series which you can pick up on t-shirts via TeePublic or Neatoshop.

So grab a mug and let’s quench our Star Wars thirst with Fernando’s Star Wars Brew T-Shirts! Cheers Fernando!


GOLD LABEL - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
From Tatooine, comes the more golden and refreshing beer. Gold Label Beer Premium.


DARK BEER - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
The darker stouts comes from the hand of Darth Vader. Authentic frothy. Since 1977.


ORGANA ALE - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
Organa Ale. Original of Polis Massa. Authentic real ale.


BOUNTY HUNTER BEER - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
The galactic bounty hunter also drinks beer. From Mandalore comes Bounty Hunter Beer. Since 1978.


R2-ALE - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
More refreshing beer for droids in the galaxy. R2-Ale.


JABBA BEER - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
Jabba Beer, the most refreshing beer of Nal Hutta. The favorite of Jabba the Hut. Premium quality.


REBEL ALLIANCE ALE - Star Wars Brews T-Shirts
The Rebels, also have their own beer. “Rebel Alliance Ale”. Refreshing foamy beer brewed in the Millennium Falcon.

Available on more colors & other styles!

Star Wars Brews Apparel

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