The gold fish brings good luck in the form of tranquility, wisdom and long life. Often found in tranquil settings, many believe that when one views Koi they enter a peaceful state of mind and that its golden scales bring upon wealth. In fact, in Mandarin the characters for “goldfish” sound like the characters which represent “abundance of gold.” In ancient symbolism, as a water dwelling creature the goldfish is a symbol of knowledge; with water containing all the mysteriousness of the unknown. In Buddhism, it is among the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha and symbolizes happiness, freedom and flow of life. Ancient Greeks believed goldfish enhanced good luck in marriage & relationships and in China it’s a symbol of unity & fidelity – as it is noted that Koi in particular often swim together in pairs. In ancient Egypt goldfish were kept in the house as lucky omens and were believed to help cheer up domestic situations. The list goes on… symbol of strength, transformation, eternity, creativity and beauty.

Laura Graves
Today’s GOLDFISH Tee Of The Day is by Toronto’s Laura Graves. Laura is a talented freelance illustrator who “likes snacks”… and all kinds of animals by the looks of her portfolio. Focusing on both illustration and digital art, her apparel art is a mix of aesthetics and combination of skills. “Summer Love” – today’s Tee Of The Day – is a clever concept and superbly executed digital illustration of two goldfish. Love it for its beauty and let it behave as a symbol for love (or any other motif listed above).

Celebrate love with Laura Graves’ stunning Goldfish T-Shirt! It’ll enhanced good luck in your relationship and promote domestic bliss.

Summer Love

Summer Love
“fishing for love”

“Summer Love” Women’s Fitted T-Shirts – $22.00 USD

Summer Love - Women's Tee
Printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirts; Sizes S – XL.

“Summer Love” Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $28.00 USD

Summer Love Long Sleeve Tee
Printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts; Sizes S – XL.

“Summer Love” Unisex Tank – $22.00 USD

Summer Love Unisex Tank Top
Printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Tank Tops; Sizes XS – XL.

Also available on other styles and various merchandise!

Summer Love Merchandise

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