A vast and diverse trail of symbolism follows the horse’s rich history with humankind. As a “spirit animal” (or totem), the horse represents personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Horse spirit animals are likely to represent your inner strength and appetite for life. As a power animal it relates to an ability to express oneself freely and assertively, as even a tamed horse maintains a strong energy and independent drive.

As a Celtic symbol, the Horse was associated with war and thus bravery, victory and all the spoils that came with triumph in battle. Acts of valor were so closely connected to the horse that the Celts hailed it as the beast belonging to the sun god. The list goes on: grace, beauty and nobility, with the symbolism subject to whether the horse is wild or tethered, black or white. Having a natural companionship with man, a tamed horse is known to represent trusting relationships, whilst a white horse is said to symbolize a development of instincts and intuition and is associated with elevating spiritual aspirations. In Buddhism, Buddha is said to have left the physical plane riding a white horse.

Today’s HORSE Tee Of The Day is by WhisperingDreams. WhisperingDreams is a young Spanish creative studio dedicated to pushing the barriers of their imaginations and who harness a love of design, illustration, animation, comics and conceptual art. They work in both traditional mediums and with digital technology. Jump to the end of this post to watch a “speed painting” video of “Horse Portrait” – today’s Tee Of The Day – an unencumbered horse pencil sketch. Let it represent your love of horses or behave as a symbol for freedom (or any other motif listed above).

No need for a stampede. Conduct yourself with grace as you cast your eyes over the stunning Horse Portrait T-Shirt by WhisperingDreams. Feel free share the post with friends & assert your opinion in the comments area!

Horse Portrait

Horse portrait T-Shirt

“Horse Portrait” Adult T-Shirts – $24.00 USD

Horse portrait T-Shirt
Available on men’s and women’s styles.

“Horse Portrait” Baseball Tees – $28.00 USD

Horse portrait Baseball Tee
Available on unisex Baseball Tees; Sizes S – 2XL.

“Horse Portrait” Racerback Tank – $24.00 USD

Horse portrait Tank Top
Available on women’s racerback tanks plus regular unisex tank tops.

Available on more colors plus other items such as Hoodies, iPhone Cases & kids tees.

Horse Portrait Apparel & Merch

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