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Florida-based studio KoLabs is a “co-op of artists with a unified online presence and storefronts focusing on collaborative, new and extremely fresh artworks and designs created by teams or individuals within our studio.” With a pool of great talent the co-op is committed to the utilization of all artistic mediums (traditional and digital) producing varied styles with a common focus on “film, comics, anime and all things geeky”.

Artists meet up regularly in Orlando to discuss projects that they want to tackle, apparently at local bars and breweries… which is where I imagine the collab “Ren’s Rum” between artists Barrett Biggers and J.P. Perez was conceived! Their Star Wars: The Force Awakens inspired design makes an impact on black t-shirts and incorporates a clever play on words.

Looking to quench your thirst for all things Star Wars? Make sure your first order is a Ren’s Rum Star Wars T-Shirt!

Ren’s Rum – Your First Order

Ren's Rum Star Wars T-Shirt

“Ren’s Rum” Adult T-Shirts – $20.00 USD

Ren's Rum Star Wars T-Shirt
Available on women’s and men’s styles.

“Ren’s Rum” Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $22.00 USD

Ren's Rum - Your First Order Long Sleeve Tee
Unisex Long Sleeve Tees; Sizes S – 2XL.

“Ren’s Rum” Baseball Tee – $26.00 USD

Ren's Rum - Your First Order Baseball Tee
Unisex Baseball Tees; Sizes S – 2XL.

Also available on other colors, Hoodies, Tank Tops and Sweatshirts.

Ren's Rum Apparel

Dress your walls with a Ren’s Rum Art Print – would make a great talking piece around a home bar! Available via the KoLabs etsy Store!

Ren's Rum Star Wars Inspired Liquor Label Painting and Design - Art Print

Connect with KoLabs:
TeePublic Store | etsy Store | Facebook | J.P. Perez twitter | Barrett Biggers twitter


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