The DesignByHumans‘ Collector’s Box is aimed at the tee addict! The collection launched with a Death & Rebirth theme and this month’s theme is Cosmic! Isn’t that far out?

*tap, tap* – is this thing on?

limited edition sci fi tees
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limited edition sci fi teesThis month’s theme is Cosmic“Engage your hyper-drive to slingshot past the rings of Saturn, travel past nebulas and visit friendly (or not so friendly) space stations across the galaxy!” These two talented apparel designers are fourscore & robsonborgescom.

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Interested? Let’s take a look at the creative talent behind this month’s Collector’s Box with a selection of other Cosmic T-shirts by the aforementioned artists…


Surreal environments challenge reality in a collision of complimentary colors and science fiction bravado. Hailing from Indonesia, Fourscore showcases detailed illustrations and bold color palettes that transports viewers into the story of each piece.


limited edition sci fi tees


limited edition sci fi tees


limited edition sci fi tees


An independent artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Robson Borges’s main mediums of expression are illustration and spray paint art. His works explore the dark, sensitive side of things that stand out in our mind with surrealism and synesthesia.
@_robsonborgesFacebook | website


limited edition sci fi tees


limited edition sci fi tees


limited edition sci fi tees

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