The Dark Tower

If you have never read the epic fantasy tale “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King, you may not share my excitement about it being adapted for both the big and small screens. If you have read the seven novels, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say forget the future Star Wars films, or anything from the Marvel or DC universes – The Dark Tower will be the cinematic event of the century.

That’s provided the filmmakers get it right. They’d better, or there will be some angry Tower fans as eager for blood as gunslinger Roland Deschain, the hero/anti-hero of the story. Part fantasy, part western, part crazy, The Dark Tower is being adapted at the perfect time; the tech can handle King’s epic vision.

Today’s Tee Of The Day – an interpretation of Roland’s creed – is by Spanish freelance illustrator and designer J.C. Maziu. The “professional geek” has an awesome apparel collection inspired by comics, anime, movies, TV and books. The look and feel changes with what feels right for the piece being developed – as this creative digs “all kinds of styles so it makes me not define myself by any in particular.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Roland’s creed, then read the books, and then buy the classy tee! Everyone else can just buy the tee…

The Gunslinger’s Creed

The Dark Tower T-Shirt

“The Gunslinger’s Creed” Adult T-Shirts – $24.39 USD

The Dark Tower T-Shirt
Available on other colors; Sizes S – 3XL.

“The Gunslinger’s Creed” Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $28.17 USD

The Gunslinger's Creed Long Sleeve Tee
Available on other colors; Sizes S – 2XL.

“The Gunslinger’s Creed” Women’s Relaxed Fit Tee – $25.57 USD

The Gunslinger's Creed Women's Relaxed Tee
Available on other colors; Sizes S – XL.

Available on various other styles and Merchandise!

The Dark Tower Merchandise

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