TeePublic Sale!  Every Single Tee $14.00!

Founded in March 2013, TeePublic continues to grow and diversify – the talented community of artists increases everyday and the apparel product range continues to expand. If you’re an artist you should set up a store today. And if you’re a Star Wars loving parent looking for cool stuff for your little one, you should check out the latest product addition…..drum roll….

Infant Onesies! The cute onesie addition to the TeePublic product range is great news for parents looking for unique baby clothes. “Infant snap” onesies are stocked for the 6, 12, 18 and 24 month old future Jedi and are made of 100% combed ringspun cotton – smoother, softer and stronger than regular cotton!… Introduce your little one to the dark or light side today and start them down the path of allegiance.

This post showcases a selection of Star Wars designs by the TeePublic community which are now available for little ones! Pick one up before the weekend comes to a close and enjoy site-wide savings! Up to 25% OFF!

1. The Darth King – by Barbadifuoco

The Darth King - Star Wars onesie

2. Never Tell Them the Odds – by ArtByJamesHance

Never Tell Them the Odds - Star Wars onesie

3. Rebel Girl – by BoBradshaw

Rebel Girl - Star Wars onesie

4. Le Petit Jedi – by saqman

Le Petit Jedi Star Wars Onesie

5. New Adventures Awaken – by djkopet

New Adventures Awaken - Star Wars Onesie

6. Scavenger and Droid – by Xuco

Scavenger and Droid - Star Wars onesie

7. Attack of the Deranged Killer Snow Walkers – by djkopet

Attack of the Deranged Killer Snow Walkers - Star Wars onesie

8. Our Last Hope – by AlynSpiller

Our Last Hope - Star Wars onesie

9. Oh Bother – by ArtByJamesHance

Oh Bother - Star Wars onesie

10. Strong is the Force of Course – by djkopet

Strong is the Force of Course Onesie

11. Dark Lord’s Duty – by masciajames

Dark Lord's Duty - Star Wars onesie

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