Driving 90 by Sami Wolf

Chicago based singer-songwriter Sami Wolf is blazing trails as a unique addition to the music scene.  “I don’t think there’s been another Jewish-addict-lesbian rapper so I’m trying to be the first to arrive at that party.” Her debut release, See You On the Moon, is her way of closing the door on a broken relationship. Focusing on that theme, Wolf recently dropped her latest single from See You On the Moon called “Driving 90.” 

A track inspired by the heartbreak and feelings of betrayal that the split from a longtime girlfriend inflicted, “Driving 90” takes a poetic look at dealing with the loss of a once meaningful relationship. Musically creating the vibe of a lonely soul cruising empty, city streets, there is also an underlying sense that everything will eventually be ok. Wolf’s visceral sound delivers a soul touching authenticity that mixes past pain with an unwavering hope for the future.

Wolf has had her share of challenges in life. Early neglect and abuse sent her reeling down the road of addiction until she discovered meaning in her life through her music. “I started writing songs I wish I could have heard as a teenager. Songs that would have made me feel less like a minority.” With her acoustic style of rap and emotional lyrics, “Driving 90” defines Wolf’s style and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.

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