Mimosa by DYLYN

Toronto-based indie musician DYLYN (aka Gwendolyn Lewis) released a brand new track called “Mimosa,” which you can check out below.

A bit about the track:

The past few years have been tough, filled with loss, heartache and anger. Sometimes moments in our lives give us a raw and real eye opening experience. It kind of snapped me out of a daze. I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself. I started questioning the path I was going down and decided to get back to my roots. At one of my shows I ended up meeting with producer Colin Munroe who has worked with artists like Sky Ferreira, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. We connected immediately and had a conversation that led me to a sort of musical revelation. I was done chasing the train and was ready to create a sound that was true to myself.

“Mimosa” is exactly that – both musically and thematically. Many of us experience some sort of anxiety throughout our lives. The song captivates that inner struggle we go through in our heads, that battle to either drown in it or to fight it. The world can feel like it’s crashing down on you and everything in your life can seem like it’s coming to an end. “Mimosa” is a way of saying sometimes you need to just take a deep breath and let things happen. Sometimes knowing you dwell in the dark with others is surprisingly comforting.

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Kelly Murphy
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