Allriot Releases Spring / Summer 2017 Line

London-based indie politically charged t-shirt brand Allriot has released their Spring & Summer 2017 line, and we’ve got all the gorgeous look book pix for you to check out.

This round of Allriot tees focuses on a more simplistic approach, using sharply contrasting stencils and line contours to communicate the ever-growing class divisions in Western society.

This edition includes a multitude of themes, ranging from Donald Trump’s perfidious rise to power, the global refugee crises, whistleblowing, women’s rights, and more “Thought Criminals” — powerful activists that have shaped the landscape of civil and human rights.

The new lineup features Anonymous for 15 minutes, Kennedy Quote and Black Lives Matter tees to remind us of the dystopia awaiting us if we choose to remain silent.

Two new tees featuring the “No nations, no borders” slogan have graced the collection, expressing the company’s position on Trump’s recent travel ban against predominantly Muslim nations.

Some of the artworks included in the trademarked “Thought Criminals” lineup are 1984 author George Orwell, Marxist and former Black Panther Angela Davis, Edward Snowden, Robert Kennedy as well as British feminist thinker, poet, and author Virginia Woolf.

Allriot crew believe that their tees are an excellent way to encourage lively conversation on the world’s most pressing sociopolitical topics.

“You would be amazed how many times our tees have struck up a chat”, they mentioned. “Lots of people will say things like, ‘Dude, love the t-shirt’ at the most random of places, which will then start a discussion on what it’s about. This leads to people learning more, asking more questions, and even connecting with organisations our company works with.”

“For us, it’s not about the t-shirts. People come to us for experiences,” they continued. “You really have no idea how people will react, and it’s that kind of spontaneity that adds to the fun.”

With their new product releases, Allriot prepares to venture out into the fires of social unrest to do just that. Public discourse is at an all-time high and new resistance movements are taking shape across the globe. Since 2012, Allriot has been fanning these flames in order to help bring about real change to the world; one thread at a time.

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