Entertainer by Adaline

Los Angeles-based indie alt-pop singer Adaline has released a new track called “Entertainer,” which will appear on her upcoming album, Aquatic, releasing on June 2nd.

Conceptualized on the ocean, it lyrically serves as a metaphoric baptism – that of starting over. Aquatic is a journey through the darker side of love. It speaks to the unending search for real connections in a world where such a notion is riddled with cruel falsehoods and misplaced expectations. “Entertainer” – the album’s first single – has its own story baked in as well.

“I don’t need another person to merely entertain me romantically,” explains Adaline. “I’m looking for a little bravery. I find it a common sentiment in my generation: we’re looking for something just a little more profound.”

Check out the new track, and be sure to pick up Aquatic when it drops in June!

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Kelly Murphy
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