Last Call by Hillary Capps

Last Call by Hillary Capps

Underhill, VT-born, Brooklyn-based indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Hillary Capps has delivered a great new haunting track called “Last Call,” one of two singles she will be releasing over the next few weeks.

No stranger to performing, Capps first took the stage when she was 16. You see, it’s in her blood, she comes from a musical family. Wanting more, she relocated to Brooklyn, where she released an album of jazz standards and then one full of her favorite covers.

A few years later, Capps was back on the scene with her own full length release, The Wishing Forest, which dropped in 2014. Now she’s back with two brand new singles: “Last Call,” a song about learning to listen to yourself in a world that is constantly telling you how to act and feel, and “Magic,” a song about having faith without a rulebook.

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