Mythological Beauty by Big ThiefMythological Beauty by Big Thief

We are happy to share the new video from Brooklyn-based indie outfit Big Thief for their track “Mythological Beauty,” a track that sits somewhere between alt-rock and Americana, and will grab you after the first listen.

The new track is “a tale of a mother coping with a severely wounded child, and staggering – but remaining steady – under the burden of that immense responsibility.”

“This song is based on an actual incident, an injury the songwriter suffered when she was very young. As Lenker recently explained, ” ‘Mythological Beauty’ reveals the origin of the scar on the right side of my head. It is a conversation between parent and child; between child and child; between the child within the parent and the child within the child; and between the parent within the child and the parent within the parent.” With her close-cropped hair and her penetrating eyes, Lenker is a natural subject for music video, and director Vanessa Haddad makes her the focus of the mystical, beautifully-shot clip for “Mythological Beauty.””

Look for their upcoming sophomore release, Capacity, to drop on June 9th.

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